Seed Meets Technology Focuses on Innovation

The sixth edition of Seed Meets Technology shines a spotlight on the development of a Vision for the Future for Crop Protection 2030At the end of September, the international seed world will convene in Seed Valley to discover the latest developments in the field of seeds. Seeds Meets Technology will

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Can We Feed the World Without Destroying the Planet?

The ‘World Resources Report: Creating a Sustainable Food Future’ shows that it is possible. There is no silver bullet –but technology can play an important role.How can the world adequately feed nearly 10 billion people by the year 2050 in ways that help combat poverty, allow the world to meet clima

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How French Plant Breeders Protect Themselves

For decades, France has had a seed royalty system for funding plant breeding innovation and creating value in the cereals sector which it continues to build on. As we work to create a value creation system of our own in Canada, Germination recently found itself in France and asked French officials t

  Marc Zienkiewicz

Can Palm Oil be Replaced?

FAT is Making Sense of the Oilseeds Market.Oleic, high oleic, low oleic, linoleic, fatty acids, saturated, unsaturated, mono, poly, palm, no palm, sustainable palm: the oilseeds market is certainly not an easy one to fathom nowadays. To learn about the complex and not always so transparent oilseeds

  Marcel Bruins

KeyGene Scientists First to Discover ‘Non-Susceptible’ Sweet Pepper Plants

Working in a partnership with leading vegetable breeding companies, scientists from KeyGene have discovered sweet pepper plants which show a new type of insensitivity to a group of harmful pathogens: geminiviruses. The new find is also described as a “loss of susceptibility.” This type of insensitiv

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Yield-Boosting Stay-Green Gene Identified from 118-Year-Old Experiment in Corn

A corn gene identified from a 118-year-old experiment at the University of Illinois could boost yields of today’s elite hybrids with no added inputs. The gene, identified in a recent Plant Biotechnology Journal study, controls a critical piece of senescence, or seasonal die-back, in corn. When the g

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ESA is now Euroseeds

ESA is now Euroseeds and their new website is now live.The url of the new website is the same as before: is still updating a few minor items on their website and in the course of the coming weeks they will implement a few more updates.Members AreaEuroseeds members can stil

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Notorious, Complex and Fascinating at the Same Time

The notorious concept of the “Essentially Derived Variety” (EDV) is one of the most complex yet fascinating legal constructions in the plant breeding rights’ arena.Historically, the legal construct of the EDV was adopted at the occasion of the revision of the UPOV Convention leading to the UPOV 1991

  Angela Martinez Lopez

Who is the Farmer of 2040?

One research firm set out to better understand the psychology of the farmers who are most likely to lead the industry in 2040 and the implications for retailers and those who seek to serve them.If you had a crystal ball to look 20-plus years into the future, would you? Sometimes knowing the future c

  Julie Deering

Roundtable Discussion — Catching Up with the World Seed Partnership

Marc Zienkiewicz sits down with World Seed Partnership representatives Ben Rivoire, Mark Watne, Jonathan Brooks, Michael Keller, Peter Button and Andreas Wais to talk about the purpose of the World Seed Partnership and how people can get involved. Interview conducted at the International Seed Federa

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Penny Maplestone Has the Perfect Job, Sees Brexit as a Dark Nebulous Cloud

Seed World sits down with the chief executive of the British Society of Plant Breeders to discuss that dreaded B-word, and how plant breeders can prepare for Britain’s seemingly inevitable exit from the European Union. Interview conducted at the International Seed Federation’s 2019 World Seed Congre

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Making Agriculture Smarter

The International Symposium on Smart Agriculture for Environmentally and Consumer Friendly Food Production, a joint collaboration of the Food and Fertilizer Technology Center for the Asian and Pacific Region (FFTC), National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST), the Taiwan Agricultu

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Prestigious World Food Prize Awarded to East-West Seed Founder Simon N. Groot

On June 10, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and President of the World Food Prize Foundation Kenneth M. Quinn announced Simon N. Groot as the 2019 World Food Prize Laureate. Mr. Groot has played a transformative role in improving the health and economic opportunities of small farmer communities

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70th World Seed Congress In Nice: Innovation at the Heart of Discussion

More than 1,700 international professionals and business leaders from 63 countries gathered in Nice for the 70th ISF World Seed Congress, the largest annual gathering of the seed sector which brings together seed industry players and key stakeholders. The congress provided an opportunity to discuss

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UPOV Getting Stronger All The Time

Together, ISF and UPOV are working to encourage continued innovation needed to meet the world’s increasing needs.There are a lot of questions that surround protecting plant varieties. Why do we need to protect varieties? How can we better protect varieties and intellectual property (IP) rights on a

  Alex Martin

Phenome Networks and Delair Establish Strategic Collaboration

At the annual ISF World Seed Congress, on June 3-5, Phenome Networks and Delair will present their strategic collaboration to offer a combined system to accelerate plant breeding and variety testing. Seed breeders and variety testers will benefit from an integrated and easy-to-use workflow to merge

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100 New Young Leaders Join The Journey Towards Zero Hunger

Bayer is excited to announce that it has selected the 100 participants, coming from 45 countries, for the fourth edition of the Youth Ag Summit. The 2019 Summit will take place in Brasilia, Brazil from November 4-6, in partnership with Nuffield Brazil.The Youth Ag Summit, part of the Bayer Agricultu

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The World at a Crossroads: Searching for a Solution

The World at a Crossroads; Searching for a Concrete Solution, was the theme of the 10th Asian Leadership Conference (ALC), held on 14-15 May, 2019 at The Shilla, Seoul. Agri-Tech East director Dr Belinda Clarke was invited to present developments in Smart Farming.Belinda said: “I was invited by Pro

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The Seed Chain in the Americas: Looking Toward a New Meeting

When asked “What’s new?” I always have to stop and pause. If you’ve asked me this and wondered why the pause, it’s not because of a lack of issues that we are working on or that I’m thinking of the proper words. Working on issues in the seed industry is like building a cathedral. It’s slow, it’s pla

  Scott Horner