Good Business Partners: Q&A with Bryan and Denise Gentsch

Bryan Gentsch, executive vice president of the Texas Seed Trade Association (TSTA), and Denise Gentsch, legislative director of TSTA, discuss being business partners together and legislature that seed businesses should lobby for.Denise GentschSW: What’s your favorite genre of music? Denise Gentsch:

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From DC: Qingli Liu Named 2018 Future Giant of the Seed Industry

Yesterday evening (June 11), Seed World in partnership with the Future Seed Executives of the American Seed Trade Association recognized Qingli Liu of Syngenta as the 2018 Future Giant of the seed industry award winner.The award, given each year, was presented during a reception at ASTA’s inaugural

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Tracy Tally, Risa DeMasi Talk Leadership

Lessons Learned in Leadership: As a continuation to the article that appeared in the June issue of Seed World, we sat down with Grassland Oregon’s Risa DeMasi and Justin Seed Co’s Tracy Tally get their take on the topic.Tracy Tally, president of the Texas-based Justin Seed Co., is wrapping up his te

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From DC: ASTA’s LaVigne Encourages Advocacy

The American Seed Trade Association kicked off its new Policy and Leadership Development Conference Saturday, June 9, by welcoming more than 200 attendees to Washington, D.C.During the first PL/DC Lightening Talk (a short, 15-minute session), President and CEO Andy LaVigne greeted attendees and talk

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Abroad and Adaptable: Q&A with Ioana Tudor

Ioana Tudor, global head of Seedcare at Syngenta Crop Protection, discusses living abroad and being adaptable to everything a country has to offer.Seed World: What’s your favorite movie? Ioana Tudor: One of my favorite movies of all times remains to be “Pulp Fiction” – I love the music and the humor

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Lessons in Leadership

Taking on more responsibility and moving into a management role can bring new challenges. We asked three national leaders in the industry to share their philosophy and lessons learned when it comes to leadership. MEET THE LEADERSJerry Flint serves as the global initiatives and sustainability leader

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Competition Means More Choices in India: Q&A with Usha Barwale Zehr

From table tennis to the seed industry, Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company’s (MAHYCO) Director and Chief Technology Officer Usha Barwale Zehr shares why plant breeding innovation is important.Dr. Usha Barwale ZehrSeed World: What are you reading? Usha Barwale Zehr: “How Asia Works” by Joe Studwell.SW:

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ISF Focuses on Strategic Engagement

From the World Bank to the Gates Foundation and from the International Plant Protection Convention to national plant protection organizations, the International Seed Federation must work to identify areas of agreement and build from there — making quality seed accessible to all. “A world where quali

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The View From an Agroecologist’s Back Porch

If I’m a smallholder farmer in sub-Saharan Africa, what questions or fears might cloud the merits of adopting soybean, a “darling” crop for development in the region?“I’ve never even seen a growing soybean plant, nor have I seen a handful of harvested beans. No one in my family or the village knows

  Dennis Thompson

Look Over the Hill and Around the Corner: Q&A with RB Halaby

RB Halaby, chairman and founder of AgriCapital, discusses the never-ending concept of change and how the seed industry should react.Seed World: What’s your favorite book on your bookshelf? RB Halaby: I am fortunate to have read many books in my lifetime and it is hard to choose a favorite. William D

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Conversing With the Consumer: Q&A with Charlie Arnot

Charlie Arnot, CEO of the Center for Food Integrity, shares the fears of consumers and how the seed industry can better converse with consumers about their food.Seed World: What are you currently reading and why? Charlie Arnot: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, a book that defines and encourag

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Nominate A Future Giant of the Industry Today

It’s that time of the year: Yes, it’s planting season, but it’s also time to recognize early-career individuals who are committed the seed industry and making an impact. Each year, Seed World, in partnership with the American Seed Trade Association’s Future Seed Executives (FuSE) recognize a Future

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How to Achieve Trust

In an era where people primarily communicate by email and text, trust can be harder to come by.What’s the most important thing needed to bring comfort to your employees? Stability, salary, a safe workspace? Wouldn’t it be easier to just say “trust?”“Trust” means different things to everyone. One thi

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Unless Corrected, The Erosion of Science Will Mean More Empty Plates

As agriculture and farming have relied more heavily on scientific breakthroughs to make improvements to animal care, land and water management and the environment, society has become increasingly illiterate in this area. The consequences of which are fatal.We all know that agriculture has been misun

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Women in Ag to Tell Their Stories at Upcoming Conference

Cami Ryan is social sciences lead for Monsanto’s Regulatory Policy and Scientific Affairs department in Missouri.Canada’s Cami Ryan finds herself in an interesting place these days — Missouri, where she works as social sciences lead with Monsanto’s Regulatory Policy and Scientific Affairs department

  Marc Zienkiewicz

How Can You Support Mental Health in Ag?

Shawn Brook, Issues Ink PresidentI recently facilitated a panel discussion that was focused on mental health issues as they relate to agriculture. I was absolutely shocked to see that a huge portion of the 400-plus audience members had been affected by suicide — a topic that, let’s be honest, none o

  Shawn Brook

What, How And Why Seed Businesses Should Use Copyrights

Note: This is the second part in a series. The first article is “It’s Not Just Patents and PVPs.”Barbara Campbell is a Patent Attorney with Cochran Freund & Young LLC in Denver, Colo., and focuses her practice on agricultural and biotech intellectual property. She can be contacted at barbc@patentleg

  Barbara Campbell

Starting from the Ground Up

An ‘accidental’ first generation Kansas farmer talks about starting from scratch.Scott Thellman is a first generation Lawrence, Kansas, farmer, who started his operation as a business-savvy high school student with a love for agriculture, on a quarter acre of vegetables. Today, the operation manages

  Laura Handke

Finding the Right Fit

Growing vegetables is a way to grow a more highly managed, higher value crop for Schafer FarmsMatt Schafer raises corn, soybeans, seed corn, pickling cucumbers, green beans and some wheat on multi-generational, Schafer Farms, near LaCrosse, Indiana. Boasting the most irrigated acres in the state, La

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Hooked on Agriculture

Looking at the challenges and regulations facing potato seed production.For our annual flower and vegetable issue, Seed World talks to four vegetable farmers about the challenges the face and what they are looking forward to in 2018.In 2013, Jeff Bragg and his wife and business partner, Sandy, creat

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From Hogs to Vegetables

Jenny Schmidt talks about diversifying into vegetable production, which takes an entirely different skill set.A third generation farm in Sudlersville, Maryland, Schmidt Farms, Inc.’s Jenny Schmidt shares her perspective on vegetable farming and advocating for the industry she loves.Seed World: How d

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Getting in the Fight: Q&A with Todd Martin

Todd Martin, CEO of Independent Professional Seed Association, shares about challenges for 2018 and fighting for his members.Seed World: What’s your favorite book on your shelf? Todd Martin: John Adams by David McCulloughSW: Favorite type of music? TM: My dad exposed me to classical music when I was

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Meet Judy Seaborn of Botanical Interests: Her Labor of Love

With a lifetime love of gardening, this Colorado transplant and co-owner of a company that offers both organic and conventionally produced seed, is living the life she has always envisioned.One could say that gardening is in Judy Seaborn’s blood — literally. Not only were her mother and grandmother

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