Innovation in a Bind – European Ruling on CRISPR-Cas has Major Consequences

Research assignments that are being withdrawn, companies that are deciding to relocate their R&D departments outside Europe — it is gradually becoming clear that the decision by the European Court of Justice to treat CRISPR-Cas as a form of genetic modification is having far-reaching consequences. I

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Boosting Farm Productivity in Africa Through the Sustainable Use of Machines

FAO and the African Union today launched a new framework document that aims to increase agricultural efficiency and reduce drudgery by helping countries in Africa to develop strategies for sustainable farm mechanization.The Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization: A Framework for Africa (SAMA) is the

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Irrigating Vegetables with Wastewater in African cities May Spread Disease

Urban farmers growing vegetables to feed millions of people in Africa’s ever-growing cities could unwittingly be helping to spread disease by irrigating crops with wastewater, a new study reveals.Experts discovered that wastewater collected from canals used for urban agriculture in Burkina Faso was

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Success is Sweet: Researchers Unlock the Mysteries of the Sugarcane Genome

For centuries, sugarcane has supplied human societies with alcohol, biofuel, building and weaving materials, and the world’s most relied-upon source of sugar. Now, researchers have extracted a sweet scientific prize from sugarcane: its massive and complex genome sequence, which may lead to the devel

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ESA Annual Meeting, A New Record Of Attendance

From 7-9 October ESA European Seed Association held its 2018 Annual Meeting in Madrid, Spain. This year’s event has set a new record of presence! With an attendance of 1050 participants from over 40 countries across the world, the importance of the ESA Congress for the European and international see

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Gender Gaps in African Agriculture are Holding Back Progress

Gender gaps in agriculture in Africa are holding back progress towards ending hunger and must be urgently addressed, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s Director-General José Graziano da Silva said at a joint event with the African Union (AU) on the margins of the UN General Assembly.“We need

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Improved Genetic Marker for Precise and Accurate EPH Barley Screening

Researchers from the James Hutton Institute and the Scotch Whisky Research Institute (SWRI) have completed a ten-month InnovateUK funded project resulting in the development of an improved genetic marker that can be used by barley breeders to unequivocally identify potential epiheterodendrin (EPH) n

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Plant Genetic Resources Ensure Ag’s Future

Imagine a gardener, plant explorer, geneticist, and computer specialist all rolled into one job. You might call that person a steward of plant genetic resources.Plant genetic resources are any plant materials, such as seeds, fruits, cuttings, pollen, and other organs and tissues from which plants ca

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Bayer Encourages Argentine Farmers to a Sustainable Soybean Production

Bayer is committed to further promoting sustainability in agriculture. In September, Bayer Argentina launched the “Certification Training for Red Dorados” (Red Dorados: Network of exclusive dealers) initiative, which aims to collaboratively mobilize distributors and producers to certify their soybea

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Sunflower Pollen has Medicinal, Protective Effects on Bees

With bee populations in decline, a new study offers hope for a relatively simple mechanism to promote bee health and well-being: providing bees access to sunflowers.The study, conducted by researchers at North Carolina State University and the University of Massachusetts Amherst, showed that two dif

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You’re Not Welcome Here

We are living in a new Dark Age in Europe where innovation and technology are being rejected at an alarming rate. While reactionary pressure is being seen from chemicals to pharmaceuticals and from vaccines to food manufacturing, nowhere has the situation been as severe as in plant biology and agrit

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Seminar on “The Benefits Of Plant Variety Protection” in Sofia, Bulgaria

On 20 September 2018, the Community Plant Variety Office held a seminar on “The benefits of Plant Variety Protection” in Sofia, Bulgaria, in collaboration with the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Foodstuffs and the Bulgarian Executive Agency for Variety Testing, Field Inspection and Seed Contr

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Bayer Statement on Glyphosate and Honey Bee Health

Bayer and Genedata, a leading provider of advanced software solutions for life science research and development, today announced the extension of their long-term partnership. Genedata supports Bayer’s Crop Science Division to digitalize R&D processes and this extended partnership now includes a lice

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Starch Trek: What it Takes to Breed a New Potato Variety

Of the top 10 food crops in the world, potato comes in at the third place, and is also the number one non-grain food product. Originally grown in the Andes, the Spanish introduced the potato to Europe in the 16th century, and, after a bumpy start, potatoes have been a very popular food source in the

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Transition to Circular Agriculture is a Joint Process

For more than half a century, Dutch and European agricultural policy has focused on efficiently producing as much food as possible for a low price and with a reasonable income for the farmers. Using this policy that was developed by the legendary Sicco Mansholt, Dutch agriculture attracted admiratio

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Can Artificial Intelligence do as Well as Farmers in the Future?

On 14 August will mark the start of the Autonomous Greenhouses Challenge as five international teams try to grow cucumbers at a distance with the use of artificial intelligence at the facilities of Wageningen University & Research (WUR).“The goal is to convert knowledge about cultivation into algori

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Government of Canada Makes $70 Million Investment in Agricultural Science

A thriving and sustainable agriculture sector is made possible only by the investments made in science, research, and innovation. Canada has some of the world’s best scientists, and the breakthrough technologies they develop give farmers the tools they need to better manage their farms, while growin

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After the ECJ Ruling: KWS Continuing to Invest in Precision Breeding

Even after the ruling by the European Court of Justice on new plant breeding methods, KWS will continue to invest in them. “The new means of targeted mutagenesis, which are often subsumed under the term CRISPR, mean breeders can offer farmers better-adapted varieties faster,” said Léon Broers, the m

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ESA Statement on ECJ Ruling C-528/16

The European seed sector acknowledges the ruling of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in case C-528/16 of 25. July 2018 by which the Court interpreted the provisions of the EU’s Directive 2001/18 in such a way that plants resulting from innovative, targeted mutagenesis breeding methods are to be c

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