5 Year Anniversary: Seed meets Technology

The Seed meets Technology event will kick off its fifth edition from 25 to 27 September 2018 (week 39) in Seed Valley. This year’s highlight is the symposium titled ‘The future of seed treatment – is there a threat for treatment?’ with speakers from Limagrain and Ctgb, among others. The main theme i

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Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle Starts to Reveal its Secrets

A mix of innovative trials work and data analysis is helping to reveal cabbage stem flea beetle’s secrets, including how its environment affects how much damage it can inflict on oilseed rape (OSR).This article provides some of the interim findings from the ADAS-led project (as presented in the late

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BASF Closes Acquisition of Vegetable Seeds Business from Bayer

On Aug. 16, BASF closed the acquisition of Bayer’s global vegetable seeds business, mainly operating under the brand Nunhems®. The transaction adds a well-recognized brand with a very successful business track record to BASF’s portfolio. The acquired vegetable seeds business comprises 24 crops and a

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IPM Takes Centre Stage at Autumn Conference

Integrated pest management (IPM) is moving even further up the agenda, not only politically but also because of the withdrawal of key pesticides.It’s why IPM will be discussed at this autumn’s AAB/BCPC Crop Protection in Southern Britain conference.The conference will include particular reference to

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When the Seed Becomes a Plant, it has 48 Hours to Survive

When a seed germinates, it has only two days before it has exhausted its reserves to become a seedling capable of photosynthesis. French-speaking researchers unveil the mechanism.During germination, the embryo must be transformed into a young seedling capable of photosynthesis in less than 48 hours.

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High Quality Forage Grasses Enhanced for Extreme Weather Conditions

Prolonged hot and dry weather has this season put pressure on forage stocks in many European countries. It is difficult to prepare for such extremes, but according to climate experts, we better prepare for it, as all weather predictions concurrently point in that direction. One way is to choose fora

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Matchmaking For Sweet Potato? It’s Complicated

Some relationships can be complicated. Take the one between sweet potato crops and soil nitrogen, for example.Too little nitrogen and sweet potato plants don’t grow well and have low yields. Too much nitrogen, however, boosts the growth of leaves and branches at the expense of storage roots. That al

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Top-Performing Soil Microbes Could be Key to Sustainable Agriculture

Beautiful things can happen when plants surround themselves with the right microbes. A study on Acmispon strigosus, a plant in the pea family, showed a 13-fold growth increase in plants that partnered with a highly effective strain of the nitrogen-fixing bacteria Bradyrhizobium.The ability of plants

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US Protectionist Move on Spanish Olive Imports

Copa and Cogeca regret the U.S. Department of Trade move this week to uphold its decision to impose duties on Spanish table olives, and urged the EU to take action against this protectionist action.“We are very disappointed about the way in which this trade dispute is escalating,” said Copa and Coge

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Epic Genetic: The Hidden Story Of Wheat

Published in Genome Research, based on a novel method developed by Earlham Institute, UK, an international research team have uncovered the hidden genetic secrets that give wheat its remarkable ability for local adaptation – revealing a previously untapped resource for breeding better, more resilien

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Celebrating European Biotech Week 2018

EuropaBio is delighted to announce European Biotech Week 2018. Between 24 – 30 of September, the EU will, for the sixth time, witness a week packed full of biotech-focused activities and events. European Biotech Week will be held alongside simlar initiatives, planned across four continents as part

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New Guide for Farmers to Help Reduce Air Pollution from Ammonia in UK

A new guide sets out the steps farmers, advisors and contractors can take to reduce ammonia emissions and help improve air quality.Our Clean Air Strategy highlights that agriculture is responsible for 88% of UK emissions of ammonia gas, which ‘over-fertilises’ natural habitats with nitrogen and comb

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Plants Can Tell the Time Using Sugars

A new study by an international team of scientists, including the University of Bristol, has discovered that plants adjust their daily circadian rhythm to the cycle of day and night by measuring the amount of sugars in their cells.Plants, animals, fungi and some bacteria can estimate the time of day

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Crop Mixtures and Evolution Can Improve Agricultural Productivity

Farmers and land managers can improve agricultural productivity by using crop mixtures and taking into consideration the role of evolution in shaping the plants they grow, new research by James Hutton Institute scientists and partners at ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich has found.In a new stu

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Citizen Science for Monitoring of Pesticides in Bee Cultures

Wageningen Environmental Research (WENR) has been awarded a pilot project on citizen science: an investigation for pesticides in apicultural (bee cultural) products. The project with a total sum of 1.5 million euros will focus on the development of an internationally standardized protocol for enviro

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Study Sheds Light on Stem Cell Proliferation That Could Boost Crop Yields

A Purdue University study has uncovered mechanisms that lead to stem cell formation and maintenance in plants. The findings may one day allow scientists to manipulate stem cell production to increase biomass that can be used for biofuels or grain yield in plants like corn and soybeans.In findings re

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UK: Environmental Farming Scheme Given Green Light

The Environment Secretary has announced that the Payment by Results (PBR) project will be the first agri-environment scheme directly funded by the UK.In future, all the funding for the Payment by Results (PBR) pilot will come from Defra, with a £540,000 boost announced today to pay farmers according

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Soil Phosphorus Availability and Lime: More than Just pH?

Plants can’t do without phosphorus. But there is often a ‘withdrawal limit’ on how much phosphorus they can get from the soil. That’s because phosphorus in soils is often in forms that plants can’t take up. That affects how healthy and productive the plants can be.One influence on phosphorus availab

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Stress-Resistant Crops May be Way Forward In the Face of Extreme Temperatures

Scientists of the James Hutton Institute have alerted about the potential impact of extreme weather events – such as the current heatwave – on crop production, suggesting the development of stress-resistant crops as an important resource to preserve food security in the face of increased temperature

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BASF Closes Acquisition of Businesses and Assets from Bayer

BASF has closed the acquisition of a range of businesses and assets from Bayer. The transaction is a strategic complement to BASF’s crop protection, biotech and digital farming activities and marks its entry into seeds, non-selective herbicides and nematicide seed treatments.“This strategic move add

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Quality and Knowledge: Customer Assets

As an operation leader, I am always focusing on transformative changes and new ways of creating value. In order to set up operational priorities that align with corporate strategy we need the proper framework.At Euralis we have always chosen the quality of the seeds as a major focus of our customer

  Denis Gonthier

Space-Age Tech Offers Timely Crop Data Relief

An ambitious collaboration project to harness space technology and bring sustainable productivity to rice and oil palm farmers in Colombia entered a crucial phase this month with the start of technical training workshops in Cali, the country’s second largest city and Pacific gateway.Fewer than one i

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Soil Bugs Munch On Plastic

Our world is drowning in a flood of plastic. Eight million tons of plastic end up in the oceans every year. Agricultural soils are also threatened by plastic pollution. Farmers around the world apply enormous amounts of polyethylene (PE) mulch films onto soils to combat weeds, increase soil temperat

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Hazera Presents New Watermelons and Melons

Hazera presented a variety of watermelons during the Watermelon & Melon days held in Murcia, Spain.Hazera presented a range of watermelon sizes, from personal to midi watermelons (1 to 6kg), all focused on top internal qualities, such as intense red color, high crunchiness and excellent taste, toget

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