Creating a Content Library

I confess. I’m a planner. I’m the person who doesn’t understand how people can operate without a plan. I need to plan the work.Developing a plan encourages me to think of all the different elements or considerations. I research, assess, and figure out the steps to succeed. Without a plan, I’m certai

  Kelly Saunderson

Sorghum: A Small Seed But With Remarkable Qualities

From 7 to 8 November 2018, the 2nd European Sorghum Congress, themed “The Future is Sorghum” will take place in Milan, Italy. It has been two years since the launch of the Sorghum ID project in Europe, where an inventory was collected of the entire sorghum industry. The upcoming congress will be the

  Frederic Guedj

High Quality Forage Grasses Enhanced for Extreme Weather Conditions

Prolonged hot and dry weather has this season put pressure on forage stocks in many European countries. It is difficult to prepare for such extremes, but according to climate experts, we better prepare for it, as all weather predictions concurrently point in that direction. One way is to choose fora

  Klaus K. Nielsen

Quality and Knowledge: Customer Assets

As an operation leader, I am always focusing on transformative changes and new ways of creating value. In order to set up operational priorities that align with corporate strategy we need the proper framework.At Euralis we have always chosen the quality of the seeds as a major focus of our customer

  Denis Gonthier

Do You Know The Brain Of Euralis Research Data Management?

The seed sector doesn’t escape the global trend: more and more data are generated every year in plant breeding. It pops the question how to get the best out of this mass of information. Euralis started considering this question already in the nineties, and developed its own platform, Helix, exactly

  Daniel Cabero

The Architecture of a Story

Content Marketing 101 – create and distribute consistent, relevant, and engaging content that attracts a defined audience and ultimately drives action. Regardless of the channel – website, newsletter, social media, video, sell sheets, or webinars – your content should tell a story. Why? Storytelling

  Kelly Saunderson

Will We Eat Green Proteins in the Future?

This is one of the big questions, which a newly launched EU project will address over the next five years. The vision with the project, called EUCLEG, is to strengthen a food- and feed production less dependent upon imported soybean. EUCLEG is a concatenation of “EU – China – Legumes”, and EU and C

  Klaus K. Nielsen

Grass – A Powerful Player in Urban Sustainable Planning

The heat wave in May and June 2018 remind us of the associated phenomenon called “heat islands” in many European cities. The accumulation of heat by stones concrete and asphalt, prevents the air from cooling during the night, and causes temperature differences of up to 8°C between cities and the cou

  Klaus K. Nielsen

P3 Generation, Performance in Three Dimensions

More than 10 years ago, Euralis operated a complete reshuffling of the winter oilseed rape (WOSR) breeding program. The goal was to build a new approach focused on hybrids and heterosis maximization strategy. This new strategy combined with the long experience of breeders and the high technology mol

  Sandrine Legros

People Don’t Want Science — They Want Stories!

In the past, I faced the challenge of trying to sway public opinion. I did lots of research finding stats and scientific studies to help make a case. I spent hours crafting messages for each different audience using the research as my inspiration. I had a comprehensive marketing-communications plan

  Kelly Saunderson

Grass Breeding – Let’s Do it on the Fly!

It is spring, fields are green and birds are singing in the sky. Each breeder is on the move, setting up new crosses and assessing hundreds, or thousands of plots for different traits. It is a tedious, but very important job, as the accuracy by which this task is conducted will set the threshold for

  Klaus K. Nielsen

Lean Management at Production

If you look for « Lean » in Google you will find lot of definitions, and some of the first will be links to websites for healthy food. The term “Lean Production” came from Toyota factories in Japan just after World War II. Toyota was looking for more efficiency and productivity in their factories an

  Laurent Lucu

Caption This!

This spring around the Issues Ink offices (Issues Ink is the European Seed publisher) we are having an image captioning contest among us ‘Inkers.’ The current champ is from a surprising source. The ‘bean counter,’ our Controller, is consistently offering fantastic zingers; proving that with the righ

  Kelly Saunderson

How Best to Feed 90 Million European Cattle?

Many people don’t know it, but in terms of surface area, silage maize is one of Europe’s most important crops, feeding close to 90 million cattle in addition to being used for energy production and nutrition. The so called ‘silage belt’ which runs along the North Sea, to the central European countri

  Oliver Becker

Turf Seed is Greening Russian Stadiums for a Glorious Summer of Football

The expectations for pitch managers and chief groundsmen to create perfect pitches for the World Cup tournament are sky high. Organizers, football players and billions of football enthusiasts all over the world expect nothing less than beautiful and hard-wearing match stadiums, and groundsmen will d

  Klaus K. Nielsen

Want To Connect With Growers? Consider Your A.U.D.I.E.N.C.E.

At Issues Ink we talk a lot about audience, message and channel. Know who you are talking to, clearly define the message and identify the best possible path forward. Effective and engaging communication starts with taking the time to analyze the target audience.Identifying ‘growers’ as the audience

  Kelly Saunderson

The Euralis Profiling System, Driving Farmers in their Seeds Choice

It is our firm conviction that seed companies should not be just selling seeds and leave it at that. For us, it is a core principle that we also want to help farmers find the best variety for the intended location. And in order to do that effectively, we have developed the Euralis Profiling System (

  Celine Cauhape

Consider Your Constant Content

Your website is open for business 24-7. It doesn’t take a day off when you do and customers can access it at any time. So, what is your website saying when you’re not around?Websites are too often thought of like a fact sheet or brochure. You made the investment, wrote the content for it once, it’s

  Shawn Brook

Make a Connection Today

Does Florida Georgia Line know their audience? You bet! I think we all like to believe we can connect with people – connect with ideas, connect with opportunities, or connect on an emotional level. Most of my world is driven by three simple words:1. AUDIENCE – Identify and understand who you are con

  Shawn Brook

Triple Protection to Combat Broomrape

The Black Sea region is very important and biggest sunflower cultivation area in Europe. The total planted area in 2017 is 9 million hectares: UA – 5,9 Mio ha, RO- 1,1 Mio ha, BG 0,9 Mio ha, TR- 0,6 Mio ha, MD- 0,3 Mio ha, RS- 0,2 Mio ha.Sunflower is an increasingly popular choice in the rotation fo

  Vladimir Kondratiuk

Boost your Feed with Homegrown Protein Using Clovers and Alfalfa

Protein is crucial in meat and milk production – boosting content of protein in feed will inevitable increase your production.Legumes, such as clover and alfalfa, are becoming more common and this kind of protein production is still gaining speed. These farm-grown legumes saves expensive transport c

  Klaus K. Nielsen