Finding a Solution for the Control of Chironomids in Rice Cultivation

Rice is one of the most valuable crops in the world. In Western Europe, Spain and Italy are the main producers.Rice producers of these countries face, in some areas, damages from the rice water weevil (aka chironomid). Consuming roots, larvae of chironomids constitute the most damaging pest during t

  Dominique Marquet-Saget

Alfalfa – Queen of Forage Crops and King of Drought Tolerance

Alfalfa is one of the few perennial (3-5 years) highly drought tolerance forage crops. When the going gets tough for most forages under drought – alfalfa keeps going. 2018 brought strong attention to crops, which keep producing under drought alleviating the economic impact of forage deficit.Extendin

  Klaus K. Nielsen

How Do I Get Started with Twitter?

We are all aware of the impact social media has on today’s world. It influences our personal lives, but also opens the door to business marketing. Social media is valuable because you get to connect with your customers, bring brand awareness, and increase sales. Twitter in particular delivers outsta

  Zana Relke

Corteva Agriscience™ Forging A New Frontier For Seed Applied Technologies

We can say that seed treatment is a new business compared to all the traditional chemical usage in agriculture and also with the size of its market.This is a new way to look into the agribusiness and chemical usage and has also evolved quite fast, getting more professional and bringing even more ben

  Andre Negreiros

Are You On LinkedIn? If Not, Here’s Why You Should Be

LinkedIn is different from other social media platforms because it’s business-focused and mainly used by professionals looking to make meaningful connections. There’s three main reasons why it can be so useful for this purpose.Your target audience is here. According to Fortune, LinkedIn has over 500

  Zana Relke

Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture in the Ukraine

Future crop production is endangered by climate change, causing alterations in temperatures, changing precipitation patterns, and more frequent extreme weather events. Droughts and floods will be occurring more often and will become more intense in nature. It is therefore urgent to understand the po

  Jean-Pierre Dufourcq

Why Salt Tolerant Grass Makes A Difference

When will turf irrigation be banned? The irrigation possibilities are already limited many places for community sports facilities and in public parks, due to local restrictions. The choice not to use pure ground water for irrigation makes good sense. Consequently, we need to look into solutions and

  Klaus K. Nielsen

How Euralis Adapts Its Portfolio To Fit With The European Protein Plan

The Protein Plan published on 22 November 2018 by the European Commission goes beyond the issue of self-sufficiency in vegetable proteins, a market still dominated by soybeans imported from the Americas. “This plan is not a culture-by-crop response but relies on a variety of species to be valued wit

  François Paybou

Seed Treatment Insect Control in Winter Oil Seed Rape

Winter oilseed rape (WOSR) is one of the most valuable crops that helps growers to sustain their profitability over the crop rotations. To increase profitability, and fight against key pests that destroy the crop, farmers are often shortening the intervals between foliar insecticide applications and

  Istvan Racz

Will Digital Technologies Allow A Better Seed User Experience?

It’s a quite common promise from all brands to declare that the daily experience for customers will be improved thanks to the digital technology.On the other hand, in some case digitization might be felt as too intrusive. Agriculture will not be able to escape from this global trend and for sure far

  Jean-Pierre Dufourcq

Five Tips For Event Networking (Or, What I Learned In Manila)

I recently had the honour of attending the 25th annual Asia and Pacific Seed Association (APSA) Asian Seed Congress in Manila, Philippines. APSA is the world’s largest regional association, with membership from over 50 countries. Networking is a central function at events like APSA’s World Congress.

  Kelly Saunderson

How to Keep Downy Mildew in Sunflower Under Control?

Sunflower is one of the most valuable crops that help growers to sustain their profitability over the crop rotations. To increase profitability, growers are often shortening the intervals between the two sunflower crops in their rotations and this has some negative consequences, such as an increased

  Oleg Shevchuk

How to Reveal the Secret of the Agronomic Potential of Each Plant?

Genotyping is the process revealing differences in the genetic signature (genotype) of plants by reviewing their DNA sequence. It’s a molecular way to unravel the agronomics’ potential secret of each plant, as soon as you know where to look at, on its DNA strands.For many years, it helped speeding u

  Géraldine Mey

What To Do, When Plant Breeding Is Not Enough?

Through breeding we enhance our turf varieties to withstand wear, diseases and difficult climatic conditions that are present at sports pitches and golf courses. This sets the grounds for the perfect green pitch for the sportsmen, and for spectators all over the world to look at when broadcasted on

  Klaus K. Nielsen

The Power of Reciprocity

Content Marketing’s goal is to create and distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content. Content that triggers a response to drive action. The notion of reciprocity – trying to repay, in kind, what another has provided for us, is a deeply engrained human behavior. Providing content that the

  Kelly Saunderson

Non-GMO Soybean as a Strategic Crop for Europe

In 2018, EU28 will produce about 2.7 million tons of soybean grains, which represent only 7 percent of the total soybean meal needs and 50 percent of non-GMO soybean meal consumption. The EU28 is obliged to import a huge quantity of soybean from South America pushing the soybean crop to represent cl

  François Paybou

Deeper Roots and More Robust Forage Supply

Drought 2018 was very severe – will tomorrow’s varieties meet the challenges?Drought and heat had devastating impacts on forage crops – and economy. Will we see more of such extreme weather conditions, and how do we secure our production in the future? One thing is certain; farmers and organic farme

  Klaus K. Nielsen

Creating a Content Library

I confess. I’m a planner. I’m the person who doesn’t understand how people can operate without a plan. I need to plan the work.Developing a plan encourages me to think of all the different elements or considerations. I research, assess, and figure out the steps to succeed. Without a plan, I’m certai

  Kelly Saunderson

Sorghum: A Small Seed But With Remarkable Qualities

From 7 to 8 November 2018, the 2nd European Sorghum Congress, themed “The Future is Sorghum” will take place in Milan, Italy. It has been two years since the launch of the Sorghum ID project in Europe, where an inventory was collected of the entire sorghum industry. The upcoming congress will be the

  Frederic Guedj

High Quality Forage Grasses Enhanced for Extreme Weather Conditions

Prolonged hot and dry weather has this season put pressure on forage stocks in many European countries. It is difficult to prepare for such extremes, but according to climate experts, we better prepare for it, as all weather predictions concurrently point in that direction. One way is to choose fora

  Klaus K. Nielsen

Quality and Knowledge: Customer Assets

As an operation leader, I am always focusing on transformative changes and new ways of creating value. In order to set up operational priorities that align with corporate strategy we need the proper framework.At Euralis we have always chosen the quality of the seeds as a major focus of our customer

  Denis Gonthier

Do You Know The Brain Of Euralis Research Data Management?

The seed sector doesn’t escape the global trend: more and more data are generated every year in plant breeding. It pops the question how to get the best out of this mass of information. Euralis started considering this question already in the nineties, and developed its own platform, Helix, exactly

  Daniel Cabero

The Architecture of a Story

Content Marketing 101 – create and distribute consistent, relevant, and engaging content that attracts a defined audience and ultimately drives action. Regardless of the channel – website, newsletter, social media, video, sell sheets, or webinars – your content should tell a story. Why? Storytelling

  Kelly Saunderson