Warmer Climate will Dramatically Increase the Volatility of Global Corn Crops

Corn, or maize, is the most widely grown crop in the world. Used in food, cooking oil, industrialized foods, livestock feed and even automobile fuel, the crop is one that both rich and poor people rely upon.Research led by the University of Washington looks at what climate change will mean for globa

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Genetic Control of Wheat Grain Size Under the Microscope

The genetic control of wheat grain size is now better understood, thanks to an AHDB-funded PhD Studentship.Student Jemima Brinton spent three years (2014–17) looking at the genetic control of grain weight, in particular the genes involved in grain length and width.Prior to the study, sections of two

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Farmers Increasingly Relying on Agricultural Contractors, New Research Shows

More farmers are relying on external companies to carry out major work, new research shows.A new study has found agriculture is kept operational through family, permanent-hired, outsourced and seasonal labour.The majority of South West farmers – 87 per cent – now employ contractors – firms or indivi

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High-Protein Corn Also Resistant To Parasitic Weed

The world produces more corn by weight than any other cereal crop. Corn, also known as maize, is a staple food in many countries. But farmers growing corn face many challenges, such as drought, diseases, and pests.For example, in sub-Saharan Africa, 20 to 80% of corn yields may be lost because of a

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European and French Studies Disprove Seralini’s GM Maize Claims

Three studies including GRACE and G-TwYST at European level and GMO90+ in France launched by European and French authorities disprove the controversial study on genetically modified (GM) maize by Gilles-Éric Séralini.In September 2012, Gilles-Eric Séralini, a professor at the University of Caen, pub

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Dogs Can Detect Agricultural Diseases Early

A study out of Florida International University evaluates the use of scent-discriminating canines for the detection of laurel wilt-affected wood from avocado trees. Julian Mendel, Kenneth G. Furton, and DeEtta Mills have ferreted out a possible solution to a serious issue in one corner of the hortic

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Breeding Better Brazilian Rice

Outside Asia, no other country produces as much rice as does Brazil. It is the ninth largest rice producer in the world. Average annual yields are close to 15 million tons.Rice production in Brazil is a multi-billion-dollar industry. It employs hundreds of thousands of people, directly and indirectl

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Engineered Cotton uses Weed-Suppression Chemical as Nutrient

A newly developed fertilizer system will provide nutrition to engineered cotton crops worldwide and a deadly dose to weeds that are increasingly herbicide resistant, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Research study.The new system applies phosphite to cotton crops engineered to express a certain gene

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Gene Discovery May Yield Lettuce That Will Sprout in Hot Weather

A team of researchers, led by a University of California, Davis, plant scientist, has identified a lettuce gene and related enzyme that put the brakes on germination during hot weather — a discovery that could lead to lettuces that can sprout year-round, even at high temperatures.The study also incl

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ALTER: Can Increasing The Carbon in Soil Combat Climate Change?

Scientists of the James Hutton Institute are supporting the Asian Agricultural Long-Term Experiment (ALTER) with the aim of providing scientific basis and management options for soil sequestration and agricultural sustainability in Asia and beyond.The organisation, launched in March 2017, consists o

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Developing a European Early-Warning System for Wheat Rust Diseases

RustWatch kick-off meeting, Copenhagen 7-8 June 2018Wheat rusts is an increasing problem in Europe and beyondRustWatch will establish a stakeholder driven early-warning system to improve preparedness and resilience to emerging rust diseases on wheat, which is Europe’s largest agricultural crop. This

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Going to Great Lengths to Preserve Genetic Diversity

After the seventh session of the Governing Body of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, there’s still no path forward when it comes to solutions for access and benefitsharing.“Diversity” is how many of something you have, and “genetic” references genes. These

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Potato Experts From Around the Globe Gathered in Cusco, Peru

More than 800 potato scientists, industry representatives, government officials and other interested parties from 50 countries have gathered in the Andean city of Cusco, Peru for the 10th World Potato Congress (WPC) and the 28th Congress of the Latin American Potato Association (ALAP), held from May

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NIAB EMR Searches for Non-Native Stink Bug in Fruit Crops

UK scientists are carrying out field studies to check whether the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug has established itself in UK fruit crops.Horticultural researchers at NIAB EMR, and crop specialists at Berry Garden Growers, are monitoring seven fruit-growing sites in south-east England, utilising a trap

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How Australia Got Planted

A new study has uncovered when and why the native vegetation that today dominates much of Australia first expanded across the continent. The research should help researchers better predict the likely impact of climate change and rising carbon dioxide levels on such plants here and elsewhere. The dom

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UF/IFAS Researchers Will Try to Educate Public on Genetically Edited Food

Genetic improvement of food crops sometimes gets a bad rap, but University of Florida researchers plan to educate consumers so they can make more informed decisions at the grocery store.To help combat misinformation, four UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences researchers are going to better

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Crop Resistance Works Better Together

A new study by academics at the University of Hertfordshire, published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE, has shown that combining different types of crop resistance increases their efficiency at controlling a major plant pathogen which causes phoma stem canker on oilseed rape. Phoma stem canker ca

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Matt Kelly Changes Lives by Talking About Mental Health

The following article appeared in our sister publication, Germination, who has been publishing articles about Canada’s Do More Agriculture Foundation, formed to advance the mental health conversation in Canada’s farming community.Eleven months ago, farmer and seed grower Matt Kelly and his wife Lesl

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Studying Oilseed Rape Fields

Oilseed rape fields are home to a variety of insects that bother farmers. The pollen beetle is one of them. The beetle’s larvae feed on the flower buds of oilseed rape causing damage and crop failure. The larvae of different species of weevils also have a preference for rape: They tunnel into the pl

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Major Funding Could Get to the Root of Crop Diseases

A world-leading plant disease researcher at the University of Dundee has been awarded major funding for a study which may explain the mechanisms of crop killing diseases across the globe.Plant diseases currently account for 40 per cent of crop losses each year world-wide, representing a serious thre

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