Success is Sweet: Researchers Unlock the Mysteries of the Sugarcane Genome

For centuries, sugarcane has supplied human societies with alcohol, biofuel, building and weaving materials, and the world’s most relied-upon source of sugar. Now, researchers have extracted a sweet scientific prize from sugarcane: its massive and complex genome sequence, which may lead to the devel

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Bayer Encourages Argentine Farmers to a Sustainable Soybean Production

Bayer is committed to further promoting sustainability in agriculture. In September, Bayer Argentina launched the “Certification Training for Red Dorados” (Red Dorados: Network of exclusive dealers) initiative, which aims to collaboratively mobilize distributors and producers to certify their soybea

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You’re Not Welcome Here

We are living in a new Dark Age in Europe where innovation and technology are being rejected at an alarming rate. While reactionary pressure is being seen from chemicals to pharmaceuticals and from vaccines to food manufacturing, nowhere has the situation been as severe as in plant biology and agrit

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Starch Trek: What it Takes to Breed a New Potato Variety

Of the top 10 food crops in the world, potato comes in at the third place, and is also the number one non-grain food product. Originally grown in the Andes, the Spanish introduced the potato to Europe in the 16th century, and, after a bumpy start, potatoes have been a very popular food source in the

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Groundwork for Playing with the Architecture of Plants

Growing tomatoes at the same height so that they can be easily picked by a harvesting robot. Growing deeper roots where the soil is dry. These types of changes to plant architecture may well be enabled in the future thanks to scientists from Wageningen University & Research who have shown how to sti

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Xylella: Host Plant Database Updated

EFSA has completed two pieces of work that substantially expand knowledge and understanding of Xylella fastidiosa, the plant pathogen that is attacking fruit trees and other plants in parts of Europe.The agency has published the latest update of its database of plants that act as hosts for X. fastid

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Scientists Edit Gene For Plant Height in Tomato

The DELLA protein is responsible for repressing growth in plants leading to a dwarf trait. A fully functional DELLA protein is sensitive to gibberellic acid (GA), which promotes DELLA degradation and thus plant growth. Several loss-of-function mutations in the DELLA-encoding gene PROCERA are present

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Cereals Experts Sought to Join Forces With AHDB

A rallying call has been issued to industry experts across the UK to join forces with AHDB to help support its extensive collection of data for the cereals sector.As part of its ‘New Ways of Working’, the AHDB has set up two new groups to expand its offering to the industry – the AHDB Cross Sector W

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Researchers Find New Genes in Soybean Linked to Aphid Resistance

Researchers from the University of Minnesota (UMN) and partners found new soybean genes linked to aphid resistance. The results of their investigation is published in The Plant Genomejournal.Aphid is a tiny pest of soybeans and other crops worldwide, causing billions of dollars in crop losses. Thus,

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Sweet Pepper Harvesting Robot Project Sweeper Close to the Finish Line

After a very successful first live demonstration of the developed SWEEPER pepper harvesting robot in the greenhouse of “De Tuindershoek” in IJsselmuiden (Netherlands) on 4th of July 2018 and a demonstration to the visitors of the Agricultural Engineering Conference EurAgEng2018 in Wageningen on 9th

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2019 Forage Maize and Biogas Maize Descriptive Lists issued by BSPB

Seven new first-choice varieties have been added to the British Society of Plant Breeder’s 2019 Forage Maize Descriptive Lists (DL), alongside one new second-choice variety.The varieties Cito KWS and Avitus KWS from KWS, LG31218 and Pinnacle from Limagrain, Cranberri CS from Caussade Semences, Exped

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Research to Improve Flavour of UK Raspberries

Scientists of the James Hutton Institute are investigating the development of resilient flavour characteristics in UK raspberries, as part of Innovate UK-funded research into new fruit breeding models and decision support tools.Hutton soft fruit scientist and project leader Dr Julie Graham said: “We

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Commission Presents Additional Measures to Support Farmers

In light of the difficulties faced by European farmers affected by drought this summer, the European Commission continues acting to provide practical support to the sector. Additional flexibility will be granted to help farmers provide sufficient feed to their animals.The European Commission present

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Reaction of Plants to Drought Can Be Seen in the Composition of the Atmosphere

Hot and dry periods, such as this summer in Europe, appear to change the composition of the atmosphere. Researchers from Wageningen University & Research and NOAA discovered a ‘signal’ in the composition of CO₂ in the atmosphere that is caused by the reaction of the vegetation to drought. Various cl

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Explore Bejo During The Annual Open Days

Growers and partners from the chain are invited to explore Bejo’s vegetable crops and new varieties during the Open Days from Tuesday 25th to Saturday 29th September 2018.Bejo looks forward to sharing its research and innovation results during these days. The various activities and attractions, incl

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Farmers, Growers and Processors Asked for Views on AHDB

Farmers, growers, processors and industry representatives are being asked for their views from 31 August on the role of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB).The AHDB is a UK statutory levy board, funded by farmers, growers and others in the supply chain. As the UK leaves the EU,

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Crop Protection Products Overview – Part 3 – Future Trends and Outlook

The implications of massive industry changes, from biological products and company mergers to the end of patent protection of several major active ingredientsIn the first part of this three-part series, we looked at the historical and recent evolution of crop protection. In part two, we examined the

  Treena Hein

One Giant Leap For Wheat

More than 200 scientists from 73 research institutes in 20 countries over 13 years have produced the most comprehensive map of a wheat genome, paving the way for more resilient and nutritious varieties of a staple crop that feeds more than a third of the global human population.The detailed findings

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Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle Starts to Reveal its Secrets

A mix of innovative trials work and data analysis is helping to reveal cabbage stem flea beetle’s secrets, including how its environment affects how much damage it can inflict on oilseed rape (OSR).This article provides some of the interim findings from the ADAS-led project (as presented in the late

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